Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Melissa is my brother Ryan's sweet girlfriend. I wanted to write an entry about her because:
1) She has a new blog: http://melissagouge.blogspot.com/
2) Her and her family thoughtfully let us borrow the moonwalk Bella used on her birthday (Thanks guys!!)
3) She and Ryan hung out with her the night of her birthday while Chris and I went to small group. Check out some great pics here!!

4) She is doing the 3-day walk this weekend in memory and honor of so many! We are so proud of her, I know Ryan is!! She has worked so hard and surpassed her $2300 goal, but She also had a personal goal to raise more, so if you'd like... you can order a cookbook from her!

Melissa, we'll be cheering you on!! :)


Melissa Gouge said...

aww thanks Katie!!! you are so sweet! :)

Nana said...

We are all so excited for Melissa & proud. Thank you Katie for writing this.