Monday, June 28, 2010


So, we started Bella in a little ballet class recently. We've been to 3 classes so far... she's got down:
1st position
She can say "passe" and look cute trying
And she likes the "teapot" song they do.

Basically, she loves to do her own version of a ballerina turn the whole time the teacher talks. :)

But of course she looks precious doing it.

"Make your feet smile!"

How fun is this?


Farrah loves watching all the action. She just giggles!!

I couldn't choose from all these pictures Chris took!!!



Emily said...

seriously EVERY picture you guys take is frame-worthy! so so jealous! not sure if it's the great camera, the photographer skills or the beautiful children!!!

The Harner's said...

How stinkin' cute is that? She keeps getting cuter and cute! They both do! And to comment on what Emily said, it's a combination of all 3!!!

Scott and Katie said...

So cute! I need to put Rileigh in some classes. My favorite is the 1st pic where the other little girl looks like she is picking her butt! LOL

Julie Tiemann said...

Oh my GOSH - how can you stand it with all this cuteness in your presence all the time? And why do I find myself jealous of Bella's flowy pink skirt...?

Mary Hanks said...


"GG" said...

Wow...that brings back memories - except I was six years old! And I's all three!!!
Hope you're having a great time! Miss you guys...Calgary is AWESOME!!!

Kelly Ford said...

the next to the last pic is my favorite. she's working so hard :-) she's ridiculously cute! BOTH your kids are GORGEOUS, girl!