Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Baby


Farrah is a happy baby. A pretty content, chill baby.
She loves her sister. LOVES.
I am already seeing hints of them giggling together in their room one day.
It's funny how she has a different reaction to each of us.
She laughs and smiles so big upon seeing Bella.
She kicks her whole body like crazy and smiles seeing me.
She smiles a big open smile and says "dadada" when seeing Chris.
I guess they sound the same. haha. But you can tell she knows us all individually. It's fun to see her genuinely happy to see each of us like it's the first time ever.

Farrah loves to look over at her sister in the carseat. They just squeal together. And she can squeal as loud as her sister.

She gave up the paci on her own last month. Or around the time of teething, really.
She's taken to baby food very well.
Not taking the bottle well. Or, I should say, at all. Kinda my fault for not doing it often. Who has time to pump?!? With Bella, I probably would have been more worried. But the second time around... I know this time goes fast so I'm not as concerned. Although it would be nice for her to easily transition...

She likes the water - the pool, the bath.
Loves to sit up... I think she'll start to crawl from that position. (If she does crawl) She's starting to lurch forward. She's NOT a fan of being on her tummy more than 10 seconds. She might miss something her sister does.

She likes to roll over on her side to fall asleep with her lovie.

She's so much fun! What a sweet spirit.



"GG" said...

Oh my gosh...I could just squeeze her! We are so blessed!!!

kristymasterson said...

I love the scrunchy nose in the last picture.