Saturday, June 26, 2010



A couple of weeks ago (or more?) we went to the New Coke Museum. I say "New" loosely - I don't think it's super new, but I had never been to the new or old one. I am a dork and collect Coke Rewards (since we have ways of getting lots of them). I ususally just get free movie passes, but decided to cash some in for a free afternoon here...

We enjoyed seeing the polar bear (does he have a name?!) and trying all the flavors.

I popped a bag of popcorn, and we all enjoyed that while sipping on the drinks. Bella felt like a big girl just being able to drink "Coke!"

A cup for a toy goes a long way...

Someone should have told us to stay away from the "Beverly" flavor. If you go, you've now been warned.

Girls were not cooporating here. It was comical.

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Julie Tiemann said...

Haha. That last photo is one of my favorites ever. It's just so... honest.