Monday, September 27, 2010

Fair 2010

Last week we headed to the fair. It's becoming a much loved family tradition. Bella was able to ride more rides this year, and Farrah enjoyed her first taste of a corn dog :)

IMG_8938 IMG_8954
IMG_8919 She is getting so big and TALL!!!
IMG_8983 IMG_8989
IMG_9056 IMG_9010

The girls enjoying the baby farm animals at the petting zoo.


We ran into so many friends! Josie was so excited to see Bella! We miss living near these guys!

Look at these compared to last year!

(See the Video Below, too)


morgan collins said...

I love that she's carrying purple baby around all night:) and that pic of her and Josie is SOOO sweet!

kristymasterson said...

That picture of the girls hugging is to sweet. Just shows Josie's pure joy at seeing Bella. What a fun surprise!

Emily said...

such sweet, beautiful pictures (as always) i love the one of bella showing her baby the duck, precious

Julie Tiemann said...

Oh my GOSH, that looks like so much fun!!!!!!!! What fair is it?? Is it still happening??

I'm so impressed with Bella's bravery on the Frog Hopper too - wow!