Monday, September 6, 2010


I love my husband. Just so you know! :)

I don't really remember life without him now. We've almost reached the point of being together longer than we haven't. Wow.

We are different in a lot of ways, but the same in the important areas. Like how to raise our kids, being in marriage for the long haul, being night owls :)

We really are still very in love. But we know it's hard work, especially with two kids taking our attention, work being demanding, renovating a house!, moving, etc. Actually, once we got through the move (with only one quick shouting match about how to pack- ha!), we like where we are at. We're coming up on 7 years of marriage (you know, the old 7-year itch! haha) - and I'd love to blog more about marriage.

Communication is NOT my strong point. On the other hand, it's probably something Chris could have majored in. But I have learned you kinda gotta communicate. ha! Might be important. Even in the little things. I'm still not perfect at it, but at least I know!

I love advice from wise couples. Something we heard and have implemented is asking, "What's a 10 night for you?" We ask this to each other when Chris gets home for work, or even better, as he's on the way home in the car. We both get to get to say what we'd like to do that night (TV, workout, work, chill, etc.). That way, we set expectations and we acknowledge the others wishes for the night. Now, this works for us because we stay up til midnight at least.

What are some things you've learned that works for you and your hubby?

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Emily said...

so funny you blogged on this as I just got done writing an entry myself about marriage! we focus SO much on our kids on these things, but our husbands matter too :)