Thursday, September 9, 2010

Melissa and Ryan: Save The Date

I can't wait for Ryan and Melissa's wedding!! It's 6 months away! Melissa has been so creative already, and I know the wedding will just be awesome. What is even better is that I know the two of them are so happy together. There's not much better than seeing your siblings truly happy. And my brother is so happy!!

I've also been dying to share with you this AWESOME video! It's their Save The Date! Chris and I found some similar videos online, and knew we had to have Melissa and Ryan think about doing one. All these new things make me want to get married again!!

Read Melissa's blog here to see the background of this video. And check out the video here.

Ryan & Melissa from David Karger on Vimeo.


chelsie said...

agreed! nothing better than seeing your siblings happy!!

love you, sis.

Allison Wolfe said...

Um, that is more than awesome!

Julie Tiemann said...

That is SO cool. Man, I'm with you - sometimes I want to do it all over. I'd do such a kick-a#& wedding now. :)

Melissa Nicole said...

love you so much! Your marriage and love for Chis sets such a wonderful example for Ryan and I! So excited I will be able to call you my sister!

Emily said...

makes me wanna get married again too! SO creative!!!!