Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New (dangerous) Talent

Farrah is taking a few steps now!! Mostly just between furniture and back and forth to people. It's so fun to watch. Even after she falls down to her knees, she still makes that last stitch effort to leap into my arms.

Bella loves to "help" do anything. Wash dishes, cook, and look at cookies on the counter and remind you that they are there... She has these little white chairs from a table that are the perfect height to push and stand up on.

Farrah has been pushing them around lately, too, while walking behind them. Today, she pushed one over, climbed up, and turned on the crockpot!! Um, what?!? Isn't it a little early to worry about this? haha! Then, this afternoon, she climbed up on Bella's step in the bathroom and grabbed at everything she could!

This girl is into EVERYTHING!!!


Nana Julie said...

We are trying so hard to get her walking then we are going to ask "What were we thinking?". She's growing up too fast!!

Allison Wolfe said...

I know the feeling! I am just like my mom was with Michael - when things are quiet, I know that Abbey is getting into something!! Our house looks like a storm came through it - just call it Tropical Storm Abbey Claire!

"GG" said...

Farrah's been watching way too long...she's ready, willing able to participate now... so watch out everyone...she's in it to win it!