Friday, December 17, 2010

Things we've been doing...

... to stay warm in the house but not go stir-crazy.

1. Making gingerbread man cookies. And I eat them like they're going out of style. AND, I never get tired of hearing this, "Gingerman-man cookies":

2. Doing chores together.

3. Spying on neighbors

4. Dancing with Santa

3. Doing laps of "chase" around the pool table. This is also a good tool for expelling energy before nap :)

5. Longer bubble baths

6. Finding Elf on the Shelf in funny places in the morning

7. Eating snacks.

8. We went out a little today; bundled up to swing. That did not last long!

And, as you can tell -- wearing all kinds of footed PJ's!


Rachael said...

elllllfffff.... what chu doin up there?!

Julie Tiemann said...

SOOO cute! Elf has blue pee pee!