Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa 2010

I almost forgot to take the girls to see Santa this year! How else would he know to bring Bella a cash register and Farrah a snowman? (That is what they want, according to Bella). So we went tonight!
Farrah loved him. Not.
Santa 2010 3Santa 2010 2Santa 2010 1

Wait! Reminds me of 2008...
Santa 2008


"GG" said...

I have a few of those same screaming shots as well from Brian and Chris at about that age... I think they are priceless!!!

Rachael said...

Santa doesn't look to happy either. I want a refund!! ;)

morgan collins said...

what mall did you go to? Santa looks just as pissed as Farrah does.

Julie Tiemann said...

Hahaha. Everyone beat me to the punch on calling out Santa for looking so pissed off. What's that about?! I'm mean, I'm sure he's tired at this point in the season, but it's probably his one gig all year, so suck it up!

In other news, your girls continue to be beautiful, and I love the bare leg look with their black shoes and red dresses - it's so sweet and youthful looking!