Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Farrah's 15 Month Appt & The Social Goat

Farrah had her well check today.
She checked out well :)
75% for weight (24 lbs) and height (31.25")
The Doctor was explaining to me what shots were due today, and Bella (who doesn't miss A THING) says, "Oh, she's not gonna like that!"
We went and retrieved suckers before the shots, and that helped some. (Although sucker in my hair while she screamed wasn't the brightest idea)
Bella cried a bit and said her arm was hurting too. She was in the middle of the action and saw the needles go into Farrah's arm. Ouch! Bella hated seeing her poor sister hurting.
But it was over quick.
We then had an eventful day! Lunch with Dad and Chick-fil-a, then we went to play at aunt Kristy's house.
Don't you want to just eat her up?? She is so sweet!

Both girls loved the animals. Farrah really liked the goats. Sherman and Tallulah were not sure of Farrah - they haven't seen someone so small before!

What Bella really wants is to catch Monkey the cat one of these days. Since that didn't happen, she lead the clan of turkeys around the yard, opening the gate and closing it again and again. Kristy, Josie and Izzie also came to play!

We also stopped by the ATL house around the corner... ahhhhh I am getting excited now about moving back! This weather=zoo=walks=fun! Although I really am going to miss living at "home", I'm glad that I'm excited about moving back. We like change, what can I say?


"GG" said...

Oh my goodness...great pics and what a fun day for all! Looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend! Love ya!

kristymasterson said...

I never even saw you take a picture. This last picture of Farrah needs to be in a caption contest.