Sunday, February 13, 2011

Game Ranch

Spring is coming!!!!!
When it warmed up a bit this weekend, we spent some time outside. Saturday was a perfect day with no plans. So we had a family day - Waffle House :) and the Yellow River Game Ranch. I had not been since I was pregnant with Farrah. And Chris hadn't been since he was a kid. We had a great time - especially since my Love Language is Quality Time. (Do you know your love language?) I can tell the days that my love tank is just over flowing!

I can't wait to start going to the zoo soon, again, too! (News break: we're moving back to ATL beginning of April) :)
Farrah thought the saltines were for her
The goats and sheep are so funny!!
Speaking of ATL and goats...check this out... my aunt's home (that we have those fabulous family parties at like this and this) is now a Bed & Breakfast. It's called The Social Goat.

And, I still like to make it abundantly clear that she is a girl. Add a bow to the blue hat. haha! This look is called Blue Steel.IMG_2784

Then lunch at the playground (which I think is the same playground from the 1980's)
Farrah is eating a Cream Cheese and Jelly sandwich. Kinda sounds weird, I know.. but I guess like a bagel? I need easy options besides a PB&J!

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Julie Tiemann said...

Hmm, cream cheese and jelly. Sounds weird but oddly good too. When you say you're moving back to ATL, do you mean to your old house??