Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who is 15 months?

This crazy, sweet, cuddle bug of a girl!

She is amazing. Into everything. On TOP of every piece of furniture. This age is great.
The other night, I hurt my ankle while holding her. I had to set her down as I sat down to look at the damage (It wasn't that bad, but hurt and I was trying not to over react with the girls there watching me!) But she could tell I was hurt. She just stood there looking concerned for a second then came gave me a huge bear hug. It was so darn sweet!! Bella said, "Awwww. It's okay, mommy. We can get a band aid." I have two sweet, sweet little girls.

Couldn't you just squeeze her?? I sure do.


shea said...

I just love your posts about your sweet little girls. It gets me excited for the future with my little chickens. They know how to run me down, but oh how they lift me up.

"GG" said... sweet! Hope the ankle is better! Miss you guys! Love ya!!!

Social Worker Mama said...

That's the sweetest expression ever!

Emily said...

she is a DOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!