Monday, March 21, 2011

Catch up time!

I'm going to attempt a catch up soon!

Two weeks ago, Bella had the dreaded stomach flu going around. Ter-ri-ble. I haven't had a sick kid like this before, we've been lucky to have only had colds so far - so I guess we were due. Thank the Lord, Farrah didn't catch it!!

Bella and I did a LOT of this:

I am very thankful that my parents helped so much during the week and we were able to keep them seperate. Plus, all Bella wanted to do was lay around, so it was easy to keep her in the playroom with lots of Toy Story and naps. My poor baby - it was no fun to see her like this! We are thankful, again, that Farrah didn't get it, and that Chris didn't get it - as he left to snowboard the week after and that would have stunk!

I've missed you, ol' blog.


"GG" said...

Poor glad to see her feeling much better!!! We miss your blogging too!

Allison Wolfe said...

I am playing catch up on reading blogs! Poor little thing! (And P.S., she looks JUST LIKE YOU here).