Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The "Green's" on St. Patrick's Day

Along with the last name, I've inherited Chris' attitude towards St. Patrick's Day- I shouldn't have to wear the color green. ha! It helps to have this attitude when you don't have any green clothes clean on the day.
My girls, on the other hand, were in green and we enjoyed grocery shopping earlier in the day and pointing out all the green shirts.
When Chris arrived home, we checked out the Spring Festival on the Square. It was similar in set up to the Fall Festival. The weather was GREAT and the music was really good. But I can't help but think of Parks and Rec (the TV Show!) every time we go to one of the events in downtown Lawrenceville.

Anyhow, here are some cute pics that show just how big both of our GREEN girls are getting!!


Nana Julie said...

Totally Parks & Rec!! But what fun.

Emily said...

so so so stinkin' cute!!! i've heard parks and rec has gotten MUCH funnier than it's first season? maybe I need to give it another shot. I LOVE me some office for sure :)

The Jacobs Family said...

Ok still wanting to know what kind of camera you guys have.

"GG" said...

Love those Green Girls!!!

Scott and Katie said...

So funny that Farrah wore what I think is Bella's green Carter's dress. We have the same exact dress of Rileigh's that Emma wore for St. Patty's Day!