Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Wedding!

Well... I don't really have any pictures yet.
Dave was using our camera in the crew for the AWESOME VIDEO that will be made of the rehearsal dinner, golf with guys Saturday morning, the salon with the girls Saturday, getting ready, the wedding, and reception. I mean, it's going to just ROCK. He also did their Save The Date video.

I do have to write a couple of things before I forget and never do so...
1) The rehearsal dinner was great. We used a movie theme. "Picture Perfect"... the invites received a "ticket" to the event. Mom made film reels for the center pieces - and had different pictures of Ryan & Melissa growing up printed on velum on the "film" then lit it with a light from the inside. It was too cool! Pictures to come! I made a movie/slide show in iMovie for the first time which was fun! Everything was just so joyful - the love for R & M was just felt all around.

2) The girls did so well!! I had no idea how they would really do when it came time to walk down the isle. The whole family had gone down the isle and Sandy was a life saver keeping them from running down until it was their turn. When they did go, the full church didn't even phase them. Farrah got 1/3 the way down and her shoe fell off. She tried to step back in it, and when that didn't work, gave her shoe to the nearest person in a pew! Then, she spotted Ryan and ran the whole way down smiling! It was precious!
Then, Bella... she got 1/2 the way down, then realized she hadn't spread a single flower. She ran back up to the top and started over, carefully spreading flowers for Melissa. Steve and Lynn (GG and Poppy) handled them so so well during the wedding and even cued Bella to walk back up the isle in place after the wedding. I was so proud and relieved :) They just looked beautiful and added that special fun touch that flower girls do that I know Melissa and Ryan just loved.

The reception was so much fun - we danced the night away.

I am so happy for my brother and so excited to have another sister! They are made for each other and I can't wait to see what God has in store for them. We all left feeling truly blessed. :)

Here are a couple of pics that BELLA took from my iphone!!

Here is an iPhone pic of my parents

and here are a few Chris took the weekend before the wedding:


"GG" said...

You can really feel the love from your blog and know you all feel so blessed! We so enjoyed being a part as well! LOVE THE PICS!!!

The Jacobs Family said...

It was so great seeing you guys there and your girls did a fabulous job. I just have to ask what kind of camera you guys shoot with. I have been thinking about updating mine for a while now.

Emily said...

I'm DYING for some pictures!!! And am totally jealous that bella can now take pics for you...when will kye be able to do that? ;)