Thursday, December 8, 2011

Belly Pics

I haven't been great at getting belly pictures this time around. It seemed like such a big task to do every week like we did with Bella, although I love that we did those! And I didn't do them with Farrah, but we did monthly pictures of her with the teddy bear in the chair and I love those too!!

And with maternity shots... we had some done with Bella. Angela Morris did an awesome job. I don't think we had any official maternity photos done with Farrah?

Chris had his photography gear out Tuesday and took some photos of me & Hallie after I returned home from a Christmas party. (Usually I'm in PJ's by 4pm!) We were even able to capture the B&W photo, similar to the one we had with Bella. I'm glad we took some!



Kelly Ford said...

I'm so proud to be your friend.
I love you.
And, you're beautiful. So its a good thing i love you. Or else i'd hate you :-)

Tara said...

so beautiful

The McCorkle Family said...

I came across your blog last week via Tara Rowell's blog. Since reading your story, your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. I shared your story with my husband, and we prayed for your family together. These pictures are just gorgeous, and I pray that the Lord gives you peace through the remainder of the pregnancy, through delivery, and thereafter.

-Brooke McCorkle

Reeder Family said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!

Pamela said...

I love that the Christmas tree is in the background! And you are just beautiful! You're girls are so blessed to have you for their mother! Stay strong, sweetie!

Julie Tiemann said...

You are exquisite, my friend!!!

mckennah said...

like i said before :: stunning. katie you are by far the most beautiful person i know on the inside and out. i am grateful for your friendship! i love you!!