Friday, December 16, 2011

Update & Some Pictures

Hello friends!
So I had a Dr. Appt today... and we are set for a Monday am induction! They think Hallie has turned back to head down, but will check again before being induced. I'll go in Sunday night to settle in and be induced early the next morning.

My mom reminded me that Sunday night is the Survivor finale! Sounds silly, but that is one of a few shows Chris and I watch, and we rarely get to watch live. So we'll just try and relax at the hospital and watch :) Bella was born during Survivor (our family was out watching in the waiting room!) And we thought Farrah would be, too, but she came much earlier in the day than we all thought she would.

I have so many things I could write - but I don't think I could cover it all adequately. (Plus I'm in a nesting mood, and I surely need to go clean a baseboard or organize under the sink.) Thank you for all the prayers, messages, calls, cards once again. I have felt such a peace this week. Much much better than last week even. I know it's because we have so many people carrying the burden with us and praying for us!

We have great friends, far and near praying. We were covered in prayer yesterday by Chris' co-workers and our friends at church. The women I've met going through this have been such a blessing. And I know we have people visiting this blog from all over. Who knew when I was trying to decide to even share this news on the blog that it would have been such a great outlet for me.

We really are doing well this weekend. We love the continued prayers for us - but specifically for Hallie and for what her life means. I have enjoyed sharing our progress with you and we certainly hope to have many more things to share after she is here. (After we soak up every moment with her!) I may have family/friends update so you can know how to pray for us. :)

I think that is all for now... enjoy some fall photos of the girls... from back when there were leaves on the trees! Then... a few more from this week after my brother graduated.

Bella Smiles

Congrats, Ryan!!



Anonymous said...

Praise God you have made it this far. I am so happy you will have a v delivery instead of csection. You will recover quicker. You and Chris stay strong make sure you eat and drink to keep up your health for Hallie and the girls. I will be keeping your daughters in my prayers. Thank God you have so many family and friends surrounding you. I am a very visual person so I have one picture for you... When you are walking right now God is holding your hand,when you are delivering Chris is holding you on one side God is supporting on the other,when you are holding Hallie he will supporting under your hands... He is there you know, not just across the room but up close and personal. I have other prayers I will offer up for you, remember pace yourself you may feel overwhelmed but what a wonderful team the little green family is.

Anonymous said...

I am someone you don't know, a friend of Kalee's, and I have been praying for you for many weeks! May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to love and support each of you. I am a nurse so I am especially praying for details in your delivery, to insure that you and Hallie are kept safe and healthy,and that you feel loved and respected by caring staff.

Anonymous said...

My sister's church and friends in Pennsylvania have activated their prayer warriors for the Green and the McIver families.....May the Lord continue to give you all strength and hope as He holds you in His arms these next few days. We love you !
The Chiaramonte Family

Jill said...

Praying for you constantly, friend! Please do keep us all updated via Twitter, blog, etc..whoever can, (also TOTALLY realize that for Y'ALL, your time with Hallie is the priority, NOT keeping the blog updated!!) I know there are so many who will be checking constantly and ready to jump in and help with whatever needs arise. Lindy has still been talking about Bella and Farrah multiple times a day...I'd love to have them over on Thursday or Friday if it works out, but I'll just follow the blog and see how things are going and where they are at that time. But truly, give my # to your parents, or whoever has them, and let them know I am available all day both those days.

Praying peace over you guys this Saturday night, can't even imagine all that must be going on in your heart.

Lisa Cochran said...

Hi guys - I found your blog from a post Cindy Bloodworth put on FB. She and I went to high school together. At first I wasn't sure what made me come here, as busy as my day has been - there are a million other things I thought I needed to be doing. I now know that I needed to be here and am confident that God led me here. You don't know me and I have only had the time to read two posts on this blog. Chris' today and Katie's the day she posted about the diagnosis.

I am the parent of a medically fragile child. One that I anticipated would be born healthy and full term. God had other plans for us, as well. My son came 8 weeks early and was diagnosed with a rare degenerative genetic disorder when he was 3 1/2 years old. It is, as they all are, a long story. And while our journey has been incredibly difficult, we were so, so blessed to celebrate his 12th birthday just a few weeks ago. That is a rare thing in our world.

I understand that the differences in what you will be dealing with are quite different - however, I have found over the years that the commonalities in the world of rare childhood diseases are many.

Our prayers are with you today, tomorrow and from here on. I will be signing up to follow your blog and offer any support that I can. I find your faith and strength - especially in God and one another - to be an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with all.

God bless each of you -

Lisa Cochran