Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Ham & Puffy vests

Tonight I am thinking I should start packing bags or at least getting things organized in case Hallie decides to come early. I am so a last minute person, but I have been a little worried that I'm going to be caught off guard and need to get to the hospital fast! So I should probably pack some! Besides that, I'm going to try and relax as much as possible this week. Last ultrasound tomorrow, my brother is graduating with an MBA (go Ryan!!!), getting a few Christmas presents (can you say online shopping?) and the girls Christmas program. That's about the extent of my week I am hoping.

I'm trying to get a few posts out that may never make it out if I don't now...

Here are a couple of Farrah being a ham for the camera.

The "silent scream" started out as a joke to get the girls to stop squealing... but now, it's preferred! I highly recommend it!

And Chris loves to "cat" things... ha!!!

These were taken back in November at my friend Kristy's. Farrah walked around with a tortilla in her mouth for quite a while. She cracks me up! And I love the puffy vests!!


Julie Tiemann said...

That Farrah truly is a little ham. LOVE her.

Miranda said...

Thinking about you constantly and praying. You are an amazing woman with an amazing family! I truly enjoy reading your blogs!!

Lisa Marcia said...

I had a good laugh out loud at Miss Farrah's pictures! Oh my oh my! Love the sass!