Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Oh yeah. Got the grill today. I do have say that the Lowes assembly folks might need some training. I got the grill home and the grates were not inside the grill. Then, I noticed there was a screw missing that holds the propane tank up.

Unfortunately, I suck at cooking. For some reason, I couldn't get the grill temperature past 300 degrees. So, my burgers took forever to cook, and therefore, tasted like hockey pucks. Nevertheless, it felt really good cooking outside, with a freshly-cut yard, and a lovely lady next to me. Bella was jumping away in the jumper, too. It's the little things.



"GG" said...

I think you need lessons from SteveO!!!

Kristen said...

i will brag on the hubby here, Michael could teach ya. :) and for the record, Katie, our arms are never as bad as we imagine.

KC Giessen said...

i think i recognize that plate!