Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kristy & Josie Shower

I haven't yet posted these fun pictures from Kristy's shower 2 weeks ago. Josie will be here in about 6 weeks, can't believe it!

Her bedding is super cute, and has little birds on it, hince the bird theme below.

Rubbin' the belly: This is Kristy, Kelly, Morgan, me, Amanda.

Kristy lookin' good and holding Bella:

Morgan's cake, (remember the bird theme). She is awesome at this!

These were some yummy bird nests I made from Chinese noodles - tasted like rice krispe treats. yummmmmy!

Chelsie and Bella:

Gmama and Bella:

Dancing to keep tears away!

Look at these cute shoes Erin gave us!

I didn't get enough pictures from the shower at all. I guess we were too busy having fun! So I am stealing this great one of KQM from Morgan.


morgan collins said...

ok, let's try this again. yay for showers...that was fun times!

The Harner's said...

wow! morgan's cake is awesome!!! she is quite talented. the bird nests were a great idea too!! ya'lls blogs are so fun to read! i love them!!! i am not doing too good at keeping up with ours.