Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 3 & 4 of NYC

From NYC
After the Today Show, we went to the Evergreen Diner to have a big breakfast. We then came back to the room to get ready and plan our day out. We decided to try out Soho and Chinatown.
We somehow managed this whole trip without ever getting a map of the city. Well, a hard copy anyway - we used our phones and computer. I wanted one, just never could find one. We mapped our route out and headed out. This is the old "brown building" we stayed in:
From NYC
We jumped on the subway and started out in Soho first. We stopped and used my hubby's cool photography skills.
From NYC
From NYC
I found a street vendor with a cute hat (picture in the post below). But I couldn't bear to spend $45 on a hat!! We tried to negotiate with her, but she wouldn't budge. So, I got a cute pic in it, then decided to look in Chinatown for it!
From NYC
From NYC
Chinatown was unlike anything we had ever seen! It was really like we just walked into another country!!
From NYC
Every other person whispered to me "You want handbag?" I honestly have never been a big handbag person, and I wouldn't even know what was cool. I just don't have expensive taste in that department. I love my orange Target purse. So, I just looked for a hat. I found a similar one, not perfect, but similar and much less expensive.
It was getting soooo windy when we headed back to the subway!! When we got back to Times Square, we walked to TKTS with the intention of buying another musical.
From NYC
But the line was so dang long, we opted for a play - after the recommendation of one of the workers there. It was called "Perfect Crime" and has been running for 21 yrs in NYC so we figured it had to be decent.
On the way back to the condo, we stopped for some "Twice as Nice" chocolate and caramel covered popcorn from Dale & Thomas. OMG it is (and still is here at home) so good!
The play was not my favorite. There were only 4 actors. Most of them had been playing the same role for the whole 21 years!! To me, you could totally tell this because the leading lady rushed through everything and I don't know... it just was not my fav.
But I did get a shot of my cute husband:
From NYC
We then bickered about whether or not we were hungry enough to go eat somewhere (it was 10pm, we were tired, and had been eating crap all day).
We then slept, but not great, because the radiator was ratting so loudly all night and we didn't know how to fix it. It basically sounded like someone was beating pots and pans together for 10 minutes every hour. That is the only bad part about staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel - we didn't have anyone to call at 1am!
We took the subway / bus to the airport this morning. Wise choice! $2 and it took the same amount of time as a cab.
Then we were greeted by the sweetest baby in the world. GG and Poppy brought Bella to the airport.
What a great trip, but there is no place like home.


morgan collins said...

glad yall had fun and got back safe and sound to your sweet baby!

b green said...

I am beginnning to dig the scarf. The pic with yall in front of the bricks looks like it would be an album cover.