Monday, December 22, 2008

A few things I want to remember...

...every night I reflect on how Bella is growing up so fast. I just have loved every baby stage, and every night Chris and I sigh and say "We don't want her to get any bigger!"
There are a few things I want to remember about what's she's doing at this stage: (this is more for me to look back on and remember :) )
*Eating applesauce with a spoon
*Sitting at her little picnic table in the kitchen
*Waving when I'm putting coat on then raising her arms to say "Pick me up, I want to go"
*Love my Crocs - she takes them off of me and put them on her little feet
*"Ride a little horsey, don't fall ____" and she says "Down!"
*What's a doggie say? And she doesn't bark, she pants. It's awesome.
*Dancing to any music, even my singing
*Gives long, great hugs, and pats us on the back with the hug. So sweet!
*Holding the phone up to her ear when playing. When someone is actually on the other line and you want her to say something, she goes mute.
*Getting more difficult to take to the grocery store/Target. Doesn't want to sit down. Almost had our first meltdown today.
*Nice blowout in the diaper at 3:30 this morning. That was a first, too, since she was little bitty.
*Cabinets and Tupperware are her favorite toys
*Still not a huge interest in walking much by herself

See, I told you that was mostly for me. I could just sit and watch her all day and how her mind works. Being a mom has brought me so much joy.


KBInsogna said...

love that picture of the two of you. totally can relate about growing up too fast... my parents are in town and i just said that to my mom last night! so glad we know y'all.. Merry Christmas!

b green said...

I love the panting. She is very intelligent and I appreciate the quirks. Good job parents.

julie said...

Don't will always remember. Love to Bella & her sweet mom. And Dad too! And my word verification is poopu!

The Riley Family said...

Hey Katie- Thanks for your cute Christmas card! Bella is growing up so fast. I think it is so sweet how you documented things to remember about this Christmas. Being a mom is the neatest thing I have ever done and I just love it. I am about to cry just typing this! You have a special daughter-she is a doll baby! Miss you- Kim