Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NYC Day 1 & The Naked Cowboy

From NYC
My parents came down to pick us up early this morning. We left the house at 8; our flight was at 10:20. Because of the weather, we didn't take off until noon!! Two hours of sitting on a plane without going anywhere is not fun!! But, good thing for the iPhone, I was able to facebook chat with Gilly which made the wait better.
I know I'll miss Bella, but I was thankful not to have a one year old on the plane like the lady behind us.
Here we are ready to go!
From NYC

We rented (or subleased - strange) an apt on 51st street! I can't believe people live in these tiny spaces!
From NYC

We are a block or two away from the Gershwin Theater, and we're going to see Wicked at 8pm tonight. We are in the room for a quick break after walking all kinds of places today. Here are some photos from the day. We didn't break out the camera, just our iPhones since it's kinda rainy. It's so cool to see all the lights and Times Square is about 2 blocks away!! We are having a great time already...
Chris' Dream...
From NYC
We thought we went to Ray's Pizza. That's what the awning said. Then once we were eating, we realized it was called something else. Amed's Pizza or something. I guess they hadn't changed the name or something. It was still good.
From NYC
The famous "Naked Cowboy"
From NYC
HAAA! We loved it!
From NYC

Now we are off to Wicked!!! See ya...


"GG" said...

OMG...that is incredible...cannot believe the guy isn't freezing...must be ammuned! Enjoy Wicked...I hear it's awesome! Be ya,

Family Oliver said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Have a great vacation!

Tara said...

I saw Wicked on Broadway and it is the BEST! I so hope you enjoy it. Also, very funny you guys are subletting an apt. My sister does that with their apt. in NY all the time and I always think it is weird too but it is really cool to get a real taste of Manhatten living. Have fun! Don't forget to go by Magnolia Bakery. Cupcakes...YUMMO!

julie said...

Don't forget my black & white cookie - I love the black and white. Two races of flavor living side by side. It's a wonderful thing isn't it? - Jerry Seinfeld

KBInsogna said...

LOVE your hat~ where is it from?? Enjoy Wicked! My friend who recently went to NYC w/ her hubby raved about "Spring Awakening"~ she said it was a little racy but GREAT music! Have fun!!

morgan collins said...

yall look like you're having so much fun! woohooo! love it!

The Riley Family said...

I am so laughing out loud right now trying to keep quiet- you two are cracking me up with all of your adventures in NYC. The picture of Katie and the naked cowboy are so darn funny and what Chris wrote about Katie in the unexpected picture with the hat on is so sweet. You two are such a great couple. I know you miss Bella but have a wonderful time!