Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bella Insogna

Have I mentioned before that we have friends named Jason, Katie and Bella? Another Katie and Bella!
Bella turned 1 last month, and they had a fun birthday party at their house a couple of weekends ago.
Here's the Birthday Girl enjoying her cake!
From Insogna's First B-Day
Here is Bella enjoying her favorite thing - the moonwalk - with Connell!!
From Insogna's First B-Day
From Insogna's First B-Day
She is even sharing her Capri Sun with him :)
From Insogna's First B-Day


The Harner's said...

Such a sweetheart sharing her CapriSun. We have friends who have another set of friends named Kim and Justin AND they got married on the same day, same year as us. How weird is that?

b green said...

That's friggin adorable. Now I want a Capri Sun.