Friday, March 20, 2009

Question #9:

If you could start over, fresh out of high school, and could have done anything with your life, what would you have picked as a career?

Gosh, this is not as hard as it used to be for me. Most of college and life afterwards, I've wondered - "What am I going to be when I grow up!?!?" I went from wanting to be an art teacher to advertising/creative career, back to teaching, then actually worked in advertising, thought about teaching again, then worked in marketing for real estate then to actually selling real estate. Which I love. And if I could start over and pick a paying career, I'd say real estate. I like it a lot.

Then I became a mom.

Although I think Chris and I had a great 4 years together as newlyweds and had good time together by ourselves, I think I actually may have gotten started on being a parent earlier. I just love it and find a lot of joy in being a mom and wife. I also know that it's all great timing the way things have happened, but if I really knew how much fun being a mom would be, I think I may have opped for it earlier.

But there is no regretting the past on this one; I don't think we would have taken some of the risks we have taken if we had had a child earlier. But I wouldn't trade my job for anything now!

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julie said...

I am so proud of the mom you are to that sweet baby! And remember, you will have the job of mom forever. Love ya