Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chalk it up

From Chalk Day
With this awesome weather, Chris has been taking pictures like a mad-man. I love it. I haven’t adequately been keeping the blog up with them all!
Here are some GREAT shots with a few simple things: the sidewalk, chalk, and a really sweet little girl.
From Chalk Day
From Chalk Day
Doesn’t taste great, but that doesn’t stop me from repeatedly trying it
From Chalk Day
From Chalk Day
From Chalk Day


Tara said...

that is too funny. I think I bought the same chalk for Ramsey yesterday. Did you get it on the $1 isle as Target? We haven't tried ours out yet.

julie said...

I want to come draw!!! I will even taste the chalk!!

"GG" said...

Keep making those memories and memorializing them for us to see! I'm with Jules...I want to come draw too...but I am not too sure about tasting the chalk???

b green said...

She is too cute, she'd probably prefer chalk over green beans.