Monday, November 23, 2009

Birth Story

So much I could write/jab about, but I thought I'd get out the birth story quickly before I forget things. Plus, finding the time to blog with two is a little hard!

Basically, I loved the induction. LOVED IT. Bella's birth was amazing and wonderful because it was my first. So memorable. But incredibly long and all the nervousness that goes along with giving birth for the first time. This was nice to have it planned and it went smoothly and quick! Thanks for all the prayers; that no doubt were answered perfectly.

Think I'll do this in a timeline.

Nov 19th:

1:30am: Chris and I finally go to sleep. We were nervously cleaning, finally packing, and snacking on Twizzlers like they were going out of style.

4:30: I got up to shower and get ready

5:45: My parents arrive to hang with Bella

6:30: We arrive at the hospital. We do paperwork and get comfortable in the Labor and Delivery room. It was like checking into a hotel, much different than being brought in via wheelchair and in pain.

7:00: I get the monitors on for Farrah's heart rate and the contraction monitor (in which we see I'm having contractions 6 min apart already). Once I see them on the screen, I could correlate the tightening feeling. So that was cool that my body was kinda ready anyhow. I also get the IV put in.

7:30: I start getting the Pitocin

8:30: Doctor Seigel comes to check on me. I'm at 2 cm; she breaks my water. Already things were moving way faster than I had expected!

Family visits. Rest. Family visits. Contractions are starting to make me uncomfortable and quickly.

11:00ish: Epidural. Heaven.

12:45: Doctor comes by to check on progress. (I haven't been checked for dilation again until now) I'm at 7-8 cm! Doctor says early afternoon baby! The rest of the family rush down as not to miss anything.

1:00: I kinda feel the urge to push. I didn't feel this with Bella, so I wasn't sure if it was the right feeling that people talk about or not. I tell the nurse (and I should say, we had an awesome nurse) and she says I'm at 10cm and we'll check again at 1:30.

1:45: She lets me push once and says, "Um, let me get the doctor"

1:50: Doctor runs in, literally out of breath (my doctor is in the building next door) Doctor Seigel is wonderful, too!

1:56: 3 pushes, Farrah is here!

I am like, "I just had a baby?"

It was so different this time! I honestly thought I would have a baby that night. Crazy!

Farrah is amazing. A perfect bundle of joy!!! My first reaction was that she looked a lot like Bella. They still favor each other a lot, but when we get some more pictures up, I'll tell you who I think she looks like...

Farrah Kate is just precious. I am in LOVE all over again. God is so good.

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Nana said...

YES HE IS!! Thank you for asking me to be a part of it. What a sweet, little miracle! My heart just gets bigger & bigger. Love to the Green family!