Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zoo with our Big Girl

Friday we took Bella to the Zoo. I keep trying to eat up each moment with "just the three of us!" Bella loves the zoo, and loved showing daddy the birds, g-raffs (giraffes), zebras and elephants.

But I also think she could love a park with just hand washing stations. The girl would wash, dry, wash, dry, wash, dry. Loves it.

We rode on the back of the train for the first time (faces backwards).

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and weekend, and we are so thankful for our soon-to-be Big Sister!


"GG" said...

I love these pictures!!!! They made me have the great big goofy smile looking at them! Glad you were able to enjoy this very special day and we know you are looking forward to another very special day this week! Love ya!

Lindsey said...

Katie, no one in the world looks better than you at 40 weeks pregnant. Seriously. Soooooo jealous.

I'm thinking/praying for you Thursday!

Chelsie said...

i watched the Bella walking video tonight from last Christmas and i can NOT believe how much she has grown in just a year. can't wait to see Farrah's beautiful face and watch her grow with bella. excitement!!

Reeder Family said...

Looks like a fun family day! You look amazing and beautiful as always! I will be thinking about you on Thursday! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Farrah!

Allison Wolfe said...

Cute pics and I anticipate this being the last time you will have time to straighten your hair for a long time!

Allison Wolfe said...

.... And seriously how many times can I use "time" in a comment?!