Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have such great friends.

Our small group girls threw me a surprise "sprinkle" a few weeks ago. We showed up to group and the girls took me out to Everybody's Pizza and had some super cute gifts and diapers for Farrah. (While the boys stayed back and babysat the kiddos!) They are so great. (Pictures to come!)

Last weekend, my best friends hosted a sprinkle at Morgan's house - we got together with husbands and watched the game. They even had a theme:

The food was soooo good. So good in fact, Morgan ran out of her yummy chili! :) They decorated so cute. I didn't expect all of that. I felt so loved by both groups. And I love just hanging with them.

Here are some shots from last weekend. We took pictures a little late, so we missed some folks being in the pictures. But thank you to all that gave us diapers and wipes!!! I feel so prepared now :)

"About to Pop" Decorations:

With Morgan's cute tissue balls:

Some of the girls!

Melissa, Kristy, Morgan, Me, Kelly and Chelsie.

And the boys playing frisbee:


The Watsons said...

Please tell me where your belly is? It isn't even big enough to be holding a 7.7 pound baby!!! Where is she in there??

So excited for you! Only a few more days!

The Harner's said...

Awww...such great friends! I'd love to hang out with all you guys. Ya'll are SO fun! And Logan and Bella would have a blast! They are only about a month apart.

Kelly and Bobby said...

Um...thanks for including the picture of me slapping the Frisbee down with my belly. I take way too many pictures that I regret 15 seconds later. Had a blast, and can't wait to see Farrah on Thursday!

morgan collins said...

"Morgan's cute tissue balls"...not really sure what to do with that statement.