Friday, November 6, 2009

Ode to 37 weeks

I am not sure what ode means. It's just the title that came to me.

I turned 37 weeks on Wednesday. Counting the days until my Nov 19th induction! We also go to the doc on Tuesday for another ultrasound. I just love those. Getting a little glimpse of what the baby looks like... I can't wait to see her for real!!

I think she's a little cramped in there! I had contractions early this morning for about 3 hours. Strange. I guess when I woke up with them in the night, and moaned and groaned, and I even did a hot bath - I expected them to continue. I was thinking about all I needed to do since I had not packed and my house is a MESS!! But then, about 7am I got back to sleep and they stopped. I am thankful I have a little more time. :)

And when I say our house is a mess, I don't mean our usual Katie/Chris/Bella mess (which is bad in itself) I mean sheetrock dust tracked everywhere type of mess. We are wrapping up a big renovation / addition on the back of the house. I should say, I am helping pick out stuff (paint, fixtures) but Chris is a workhorse. The room is now painted and he's still back there working on installing lights... he's such a great husband. He probably also enjoys the quietness back there. I love him.

With the addition, the girls' room got a new closet!!! It is awesome. I love that there is so much room and it's so organized!!! We are getting flooring this week. And last will be finishing up the new laundry/mud room. Fun stuff. It looks so great.

Family has been so good to us. Helping us clean, install attic stairs & attic floor... cleaning the house, and watching Bella. So thankful for family.

I do have to say the second pregnancy has been much harder than the first. I seriously don't remember having ANY pain the first time around until contractions started! This time around, Chris has probably had his fill of my complaining. He puts up with it well. :) I have just been "ready" for about 10 weeks now!! A little impatient. And therefore, I feel like it's all I talk about. Sorry friends.

Even with frequent potty stops, all the pain, and body changing that happens, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Looking forward to Christmas this year and my new white tree! I bought it last year after Christmas - and I think I'll put it in the new room. It's going to be a girl theme!!! White tree with hot pink ornaments! Can't wait to be cuddled up at Christmas with my sweet hubby and two beautifully sweet girls! So blessed.


Nana said...

Your family is thankful for the Little Green Family!

Katie said...

Can't wait to see the room all finished!! I am sure it is going to look great!!

Katie B said...

2nd pregnancy sympathy here...I feel the same way. No pain, no problem with #1, but I have been achey and all that mess since about 16 weeks! ha...I'm exactly 10 weeks behind you--sometimes I feel like it is going quickly and then sometimes not...all in "due" time though!