Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve after the service, we came back to G-Daddy and Nana's house (and our house right now :)). We tried something different this year and had fondue for dinner. After eating too much, I finally wrapped my presents :)

All of my siblings spent the night. And Melissa, my sister-in-law to be, was here! (March 5th is their wedding and I can't wait!). Christmas morning, Santa brought a couple of toys for each girl. Bella asked for a cash register, but the big hit was a coffee maker and blender. They actually work, and have already had hours spent on them with water and food coloring! Score!

Here are some sweet pictures from the morning:
Farrah smirkIMG_1483IMG_1434IMG_1526IMG_1524IMG_1515IMG_1474IMG_1461IMG_1485IMG_1499IMG_1502

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Melissa Nicole said...

I LOVE that picture of Bella & I hugging! Definitely going to frame that one!