Monday, January 3, 2011

White Cyc Wall Pics

I'll get around to blogging about Christmas soon :) I don't sit down much with a walking baby :) But, enjoy this cuteness.


Chris set up a white seamless wall for Christmas card pics this year. So we took advantage of the temp set up for 24 hours :)

My family

My siblings

My husband is the bomb.


Nana Julie said...

Yes he is! And it was a blast!

Julie Tiemann said...

That is so stinkin' cool!!! Chris could have his own photography business (in addition to the apparently kajillion other things he's so talented at!). It doesn't hurt that you have the prettiest babies either. :)

Crissy said...

how did he do this?

Emily said...

omg he so, so is....i wanna know how he did it too! it's one of those cool-green-family things huh? SO jealous!!! btw your whole entire family is beautiful!!!!!