Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 at the Green's

(see new post below, too!)
Christmas Adam (the day before Eve :)), we spent the night at the Green's. This year was new - the whole extended family spent the night!!

Before the 15 adults and 3 kids all came over, GG had Bella, Gracie and Farrah baking in cute little aprons!
They baked cakes for Jesus' birthday!

They also played outside, it was a nice day. Funny how two days later it was snowing!!
This has been my favorite coat this season :)

After pizza, we had a good & funny version of white elephant gift exchanging. Don't worry - it was also a competition for the best PJ's. Mine were funny (a present from Lynn years ago), but not as good as Renya's! (Wish I had a picture of that - they were kinda like a snuggie, but more closed in. Think Flying Squirrel). ha!
The girls opened all their fun presents - Farrah loved her baby. Sweet hug.
The next morning (Christmas Eve) we went bowling! It was fun to compete with the whole extended family. Bella and Gracie enjoyed their bumper lanes.

Chris left around noon for the Christmas Eve service rehearsal. The girls and I went with GG and Poppy to Ganny's house for her Christmas Eve lunch. After that, we stopped by the house to change and drove down to Buckhead's Christmas Eve service...

(See below for video of Farrah ROCKING out to the rehearsal!!)

We had a GREAT time on Christmas ADAM and Christmas EVE!

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