Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yellow River Game Ranch

Today we took a spontaneous trip to the Yellow River Game Ranch with Kristy and Josie and a couple of others. What a fun outing!! Bella is learning about all these animals in books (names, sounds)... so it was fun talking about them on the drive out and watching her experience them up CLOSE! They just walk right up and take food from you.
She liked all the animals except the squirrels. I actually witnessed her taking food BACK from a squirrel and saying "no!"

This is a 2 min video. Some things to mention:
1) She kisses the cow.
2) She thought the deer was wearing a hat (antlers).
3) She likes to say hey to every animal. Our visit sounded like this, "Hey kisskin (chicken), Hey Cow, Hey Duck, Hey Bunny, Hey Goat" You get the picture :)
4) My dad has an unusual fear of Black Bears. So that clip is for him.
5) She DID NOT like the man in the cow costume at Chick-fil-a at lunch. She can smell a fake I guess. Shoulda got that on camera!

It really was a great day! We both loved it and can't wait to head back!


The Jacobs Family said...

I love the Yellow River Game Ranch. I remember going so many times as a kid and then taking Maddy.

Melissa Gouge said...

Ryan & I have been wanting to take her to the game ranch for a while! We will all have to go soon! :)

Amber said...

we LOVE this place!

kharner said...

OMG....she is precious!

julie said...

Wait until GDaddy sees how close you let his grandbaby get that close to a bear!!!! Love ya