Monday, January 9, 2012

Memorial Service Thank You

Thank you all who came to celebrate Hallie's life with us Saturday! And also thank you to those who couldn't be with us but have been praying for us.

The service was just beautiful. I cannot believe the amount of people who helped make it happen. Chris' friends/co-workers, volunteers, friends... it was so amazing. We felt so loved. Thank you for even making the stage look pink & girly. We will never forget that day. So many friends around. It was healing for both of us. I wish I could have hugged all of your necks!! I got a good bit of hugs in, but I know I missed a bunch of you, too :) The FIRST thing Chris and I did when we got home was go through the guest books and read all of your messages. It just felt good to be so loved on, in so many ways.

I had planned on writing more tonight, but I was distracted and now my brain won't turn back on :) We are doing well and adjusting to our new "normal" ... and I'm trying to wrap my brain around what all Hope From Hallie can do! I do have things I'd love to blog about, so check back soon. We'll also have a video of the service up in a day or two. 

I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet baby! I cherish every picture & video I have!!


Anonymous said...

I can not imagine what you are going thru but you are still in my prayers and thoughts. Hallie brought a lot of emotion back to me since I have been following your story. I hope to share your blog with my sister when she is ready. She hopefully will see that she is not the only mom going through the loss of a child. Maggie Grace was a Trisomy 13 baby also.

Bless you Katie and Chris.

Miche said...

Hi. I was reading another blog when I stumbled upon Hallie's story.

I've spent the last few minutes reading the last few blog entries and fighting back tears.

This is such a hard journey to walk as you already know.

I hate that you are joining "the club" so to speak but you will find great support from others who have been there. I'm sure you have already.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Julie Tiemann said...

Hey friend, I was thinking about you so I popped over to see if there was anything new even though I have no time for blog-reading tonight! I've always got time for sweet Katie's blog though! :) I'm so glad you read the comments in the book so you know we were there. I hate that we couldn't hug your neck that day, but I also figured there were lots of people from far away who wanted to see you. But I can't wait to see you and give you a hug - it's been too long! Also can't wait to hear about all the cool things that HFH is gonna do! Hugs!

P.S. How cool is this - usuaally the verification word is gobbledygook, but the word I have to type in to post this comment is "grace." :)

Tina said...

I feel so connected to your family. I can't believe how much Hallie looks like my little girl, Kendall. Your story is so much like ours. We had 2 boys the same ages as your girls when Kendall was born. We did NOT know that she has Trisomy 13 Syndrome until after she was born. So, it was quite a shock. It's been nearly 5 years and while we miss her terribly every single second, she changed our lives in ways I can't even explain. She was such a gift. I know you feel the same way about Hallie. I hope your other daughters are doing well. It's so hard for them to understand. You've been in my prayers and will continue to be.

Annette said...

Thank you for sharing Hallie's story. I was introduced to your blog today by a friend and I only wish I would have seen it earlier. During the time you were pregnant with Hallie, I was pregnant with our daughter, Kaitlyn Grace, who also had Trisomy 13. She made it to her due date, December 9, 2011, but was stillborn. We cherished each moment during pregnancy with her and even the time after her birth of holding her and loving her. I can identify so much with the support you received from friends, family and church. I know that it was only through God's strength that we were able to walk this journey and it continues even now. I pray you will continue to feel God's love in the days to come. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please post a video from the service when you get a chance! I know many of my friends who don't know you personally but have followed your story. They would really like hearing your and Chris's testimonies.