Saturday, June 7, 2008


She's beautiful. Inside and out. And props to my husband for taking awesome photos of her! He is loving our camera (good purchase!) and learning all the tricks of it. He's captured some awesome shots for us; what great memories.

Bella is almost 8 months; I can hardly believe it!! She is getting around; not quite crawling on all fours, but trying. She's lunging forward, and scooting around on her tummy. It won't be long! (Chris was an early walker; Katie could have crawled forever). She's also holding her own standing up for a bit. It really blows my mind how fast she grows and learns new things!

"Baa Baa" is her favorite word (she's going to be saying "Bandit" in no time!) And she throws a lot of mamamaaaaaaa and dadadaaaaaaaa's in there. But "baa baa" is her fav.

And she likes the water! We can't wait to go the beach. I think we are going to try and take a quick trip sometime, just to get away. We've been so busy and need a little getaway! Bella is set in her new suit and hat.

Being a mom is the most wonderful thing in the world.

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Kelly Ford said...

Edible, I tell you. Pure sweetness of edible delight.