Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seaside or Bust

Katie and I decided early this week that (A) we were boring, and (B) it was time to change it. Monday night's boredom meant that we were heading to the beach. And by Tuesday evening, we had the bags packed, oil changed, and the back window of the Explorer reading "Seaside or Bust" in shoe polish, of course.

The only snag thus far has been that we left ATL at 9:00pm. Bella slept the entire way, but when we arrived in Seaside sometime in the middle of the night, Bella decided that she was well-rested, and wanted to play. Our first morning was a bit rough.

Enough writing. Time for a few pics. Enjoy.

The beach is nice early in the morning. Note the lack of humans. I never would have known what a beach looked like at 7:00am without Bella.

Bella and her gorgeous Mommy:

Bella and her Popz.

More to come...


Kelly Ford said...

How daring!!! If you are boring, we are dead. Dude, even on vacation in freakin mexico we went to bed before 10... and we were in our rooms reading our books by 9 at the latest. Does that make you feel better? At least you have Bella...she's always exciting!
Cant wait to see more pics. I'm glad yall got away! :-)

"GG" said...

Great pics! Hope you are enjoying your want to talk about boring...I get to hang out in airports and not see the cities! Fly out...enough! Have fun and love ya! Peace out!

maggiemaeupdates said...

dang that is one good looking family!!

Katie said...

Katie, you look like Uma Thurman in that second picture. That's a framer :)

Julie said...

I wish I was there! Trade places??? Beach or retreat with 600 middle schoolers?? What you think?