Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Pool Pics

More fun pics from this weekend in Jefferson!

Brian giving Steve-o a wedgie:

And playing around:

Cute Daddy - and Bella loves this Ball!

And that rail tastes great!


Brian G said...

Oh dear lord, so much to say about these pictures. Hhhmmmm, let's begin with the amazing cuteness of my niece. Now, I do believe Steve-O has a wife-beater tan line. Ladies and gentleman of the blog, you will only see this on this blog and of course...Cops. OH, not to mention my thinning bald spot that Chris so professionally captured, thanks and you are out o the will. Let's one single pic you have Brian with his bald spot, giving his 53 year old father a wedgie who inadvertently has a wife beater tan line. Only the green boys.

Julie said...

Looks like a fun day! Those Green boys are such a hoot!

morgan collins said...

Bella is freakin' stoked about that ball!

Stephanie for the Lyon's said...

katie, it's stephanie lyon, and i was wondering what kind of camera you have. i stop by your blog every once in a while when i'm on amanda's or morgan's, and i LOVE your picture quality. i love to take pics of my girls all the time, and am ready for even better picture quality, so could you please share what kind yours is? thanks.
my email is:

bella is precious! she looks so much like you! my little abby is right at her same age, so it's fun to see how similar our worlds are!

excited about krity!
thanks for updating us all!

stephanie lyon