Monday, June 16, 2008

Robert Gregory McIver

That's my dad.
He's the man. Or "da man" as he says.
AKA GDaddy now as well.

(I stole this from mom's post!)

Being a parent now, I have a better understanding of how he loved all 4 of us, how he raised us, and how much we are alike. He taught me about money, despised lying, taught me about respect, and did Dad things like removing my splinters and throwing me in the pool. Oh, and he taught me to drive. Oh geez. That was a feat in itself. And one of the best things is that he and mom taught me to laugh at myself and enjoy life!

Some other funny stories:

1. In highschool, he didn't notice until a year after the fact that I had an extra piercing in my ear at the top. He turned to me in the car and said, "Where did that come from? Where are your morals? Where are your values?" I told them they were the same as they were a year ago. So that line has been a favorite in our family since then! "Where are your morals?" You can imagine that I was scared to tell him about the belly piercing...

2. Dad is really scared of Black Bears. This cracks me up since we've seen about 1 EVER. haaaaaa!

3. He opens his mouth when he is concentrating - writing, thinking, playing tennis, etc. And I seem to have inherited this.

4. He gets teary-eyed easily. I love you dad.

5. He cooks like a mad man. His BBQ is awesome. He would make me an egg sandwich for breakfast any day I asked him to.

6. His favorite dept in a store is the kitchen accessories. I love it.

7. He always provided for us. I never thought we didn't have enough and never went without.

8. He loves games (or at least played millions of them with us!). Card games, board games, horseshoes, tennis, hearts (haha). I LOVE GAMES.

9. He's a corn ball.

10. He loves my mom and does it well.

11. He has big, hardworking man hands.

12. He loves his family.

I mean, really, how does one thank a parent enough? These are all things that I love about my dad, but I realize so much of him went into parenting us. More than I could ever thank him for.

I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

What a precious tribute! That will always mean so much to him.

The piercing story made me laugh--when I had my upper-ear pierced in graduate school, Danny took to calling me a pirate. He thought it was hysterical. I loved that earring...maybe I'll get it done again some day.

daddio said...

Katie, wow! thank-you! You have always made being a Dad such a blessing and a joy! And now you and Chris have really turned it up with Bella! I am truly blessed by God with you, your brothers, sister, husband, baby and Mom! I love you darling!
Dad, gdaddy
(p.s. thanks for the reminder of that awful belly button ring!) :}

morgan collins said...

I love your dad:) and I won't tell you what my dad said about my belly ring...oh wait you already know that story:) why did I ever let you con me into that?! :)