Wednesday, September 24, 2008

11 months - 2 weeks ago!

Ok, so Bella turned 11 months September the 11th. These pictures are from the day, the post is just waaaaaaaaaay overdue!
She loves to play with Bandit:
From 11 months
One of her favorite activites: handing me everything! Fuzz on the floor, anything off the table, food (she likes to feed me her food!), you get the point...
From 11 months
It's hard to tell because it's so blonde, but she's growing a little hair:
From 11 months
Likes to grab Bandit:
From 11 months
From 11 months
Still doesn't like grass. This cracks me up! Here she is with a funny face and trying to give me the grass she just touched:
From 11 months
Loves kisses, sometimes:
From 11 months
And biting mom. I wish I had a shot 2 seconds after this one. That bite hurt!
From 11 months
7, working on 8 teeth:
From 11 months
Likes playing the piano like Daddy:
From 11 months

I think I am in denial that she is almost a year old!!
CHECK BACK soon - I have a lot of posts coming!


The Harner's said...

She is getting sweeter and sweeter! Can you believe she is almost one year! I bet she is going to have an awesome party!

Kelly Ford said...

She is just precious...
I cant wait to check out all the new posts!!

morgan collins said...

I'll believe "lots of new posts" when I see it:)

"GG" said...

Love all the pictures and I'm amazed at how she can look so different in each shot. Fun times!
Love yall