Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love play dates

Bella and I love getting out of the house for some play dates during the week! Here are some of our adventures:
Molly and James visited home this week so we had a get together with old small group babies (Bella, James, Connell and Caleb)
Bella and Connell:
From Play Date
She LOVES the ball pit:
From Play Date
Here is a pic of sweet James:
From Play Date
This week we went to Kangazoom with Jaycie and her son Morgan. Bella was in HEAVEN
From Kangazoom with Morgan
From Kangazoom with Morgan
From Kangazoom with Morgan

She had NO FEAR when it came to these new adventures and climbing high...


Tara said...

Ramsey is a total "no fear" kid too. Fun stuff! Miss Bella is totally getting hair. Very Cute!

"GG" said...

Cute pictures and looks like fun! Looking forward to more and videos too! Have a great day! Love ya,

morgan collins said...

she looks like she has SOO much hair in that first pic!
if Bella must have a little friend named Morgan than I must implement one rule...at no time can anyone refer to me as Big Morgan. that is all.