Monday, September 8, 2008

Zoo Visit

From Zoo visit
So we live by the zoo. We have passes but haven't taken advantage of it very much at all. But now that Bella is getting older and actually looks at the animals, I love going. We can take our morning of afternoon walks over and see the stinky flamingos or the stinky elephants.
They also have a stinky petting zoo. The three of us rushed over Sunday to go catch a peek. The zoo was still open, but the petting zoo was closed. So... we took Bella on her first train and first carousel ride! It brought back memories of being a kid on that same train.
From Zoo visit
From Zoo visit
From Zoo visit


Anonymous said...

Hey we have passes too, we should plan and evening there! H

morgan collins said...

that last pic is so funny...I'm sure she's not, but she looks terrified:)

Chelsie said...

i think you wore out the word stinky but it made me laugh because i know exactly what you're talking about hahah

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

I love that y'all live in such an awesome spot. Near enough to all the fabulous things Atlanta has to offer. And, I particularly like the walkable nature of your location. Perfect!

Glad y'all are having fun. When Ty went to the zoo for the first time, he saw all the birds in the trees and all the ducks in the pond. Oh, and he really liked the indoor aquarium thing. Those were the only animals big and colorful and active enough for him to see. By the way, the San Antonio Zoo is not so great...ATL's is MUCHO better!