Sunday, September 7, 2008


From UGA v Central Mich Tailgating
Yesterday I drove up to Athens to tailgate with Kelly, Bobby and Morgan. It was hot as anything, but fun! It was strange to not be with my better half, or my little half, but they was there in spirit wearing their own black and red...
Chris was in the studio Fri/Sat and little Bella hung out with Grandmother.
I look forward to a great season this year, and to the cooler weather to come...
(and to getting Bella dressed in her cheerleading uniform!)
From UGA v Central Mich Tailgating
From UGA v Central Mich Tailgating


"GG" said...

Cannot wait to see the newest cheerleader in the family in uniform!

Katy said...

My friend Janine and her girls tailgated at the game, too, and they all got red ant bites! I guess you get red all around there. :) You guys look so cute!!!

morgan collins said...

had fun always! I might gank some of your pics:)