Thursday, September 4, 2008


From R-Ranch - Labor Day Weekend 2008

This Labor Day weekend, we enjoyed some time at the R-Ranch with the Green family! Just driving up there I physically felt myself relax. It's cool how the scenery of the mountains can do that to you. I like to imagine myself as a character in this life sometimes. (Morgan, thanks for getting me into that blog!) Phones didn't work, no internet, just the sound of the crickets as we sat on the porch (oh and of course we cranked up the car radio next to the porch and listened to the DAWGS!)

When we got there, we hopped on some horses for a ride through the mountains that Lynn booked for us. It was quite the adventure. I almost didn't go when the leaders said that there are frequent bee stings on the trails. If you know me well, the two things I fear most are bee stings and the dentist. But I am glad I put my fear aside, because it's not everyday you get to ride a horse. In fact, it was my first trail ride ever!
From R-Ranch - Labor Day Weekend 2008

Chris, Brian (Chris' twin) and I followed two leaders up and down the winding trails, through tree branches (thanks, horse) and made it out safely with no bee stings.
From R-Ranch - Labor Day Weekend 2008

Bella enjoyed the horses with GG.
From R-Ranch - Labor Day Weekend 2008

We ate a couple of times at Turner's Corner that overlooked the river!
From R-Ranch - Labor Day Weekend 2008

From R-Ranch - Labor Day Weekend 2008

Bella had a week of yucky diapers. She had a great blowout at dinner. Nice. It was one of the only times I forgot a change of clothes. So we had naked baby at dinner with us. So cute!
From R-Ranch - Labor Day Weekend 2008

Chris' Aunt and Uncles were there, along with cousins! Aunt Renya and Uncle Bruce are building a house down the road from the R-Ranch that the family was able to check out! We then had fun time playing water volleyball with the whole family before we left Saturday afternoon. A great time was had by all!


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

morgan collins said...

a week of yucky diapers...lovely:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! We need a weekend like that! H

Tara said...

thanks for the comment. I check out you blog all the time too because Bella is seriously the cutest little girl ever! Cool you guys went to R-Ranch. We used to have socials there in college and all I remember is partying like a rockstar. It might be neat to revisit it sometime. Oh and we refer to diaper blow outs as an "ass-plosion".

Kelly Ford said...

Did brittany spears comment on this post? hmmm...
1st of all, love the naked baby.
3rd of all, you'll be glad to know that big spaces between baby teeth leaves more room for the large permanents and lessens the likleyhood of years in braces. So yay for bellas well spaced little chompers!

b green said...

I need a tan and a date with Jenny Craig.

"GG" said...

We really did have a great time with family, relaxing, and just enjoying watching all the different activities going on all round the ranch. Sorry your trip was short but it was memorable! And B - you're not the only one...good grief...!