Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bella loves Bandit

She gives him HUGS and KISSES. Mostly hugs, and she pats him on the back while she is hugging him. It is precious.
From Bella's First Birthday Party
He may not look like he's enjoying it, but believe me, he does!
From Bella's First Birthday Party
From Bella's First Birthday Party


"GG" said...

Another dog lover in the family! I'm sure Bandit enjoys the attention! Hummmm...where's Astro...hiding as usual?

Kelly Ford said...

OH! i hope spud and our baby get along that well. And i'm glad bella and bandit love each other...although we were secretley hoping that we'd be able to permanently kidnap him!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I enjoy reading your blog. Just wanted to know what kind of dog is bandit. Cute!