Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9th

One year ago... I started having contractions! I went home early from work because I just "didn't feel right!" And realized as the afternoon went on that I was beginning the early part of labor!
We went to the doctor and I was told to wait until the contractions were either a little bit closer together OR until my water broke (she thought that would happen, but it didn't). We also got a surprise 3D ultrasound ... it was so amazing!!
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"GG" said...

"Oh my goodness" I cannot believe it's been a year!!! We are so blessed and words don't even begin to describe the feelings of joy and pride in all three of you! You're an amazing family and I feel especially blessed to have been a small part of it all! Cannot wait to see you all this weekend to celebrate our precious angel baby! Love you all!

morgan collins said...

so awesome!

Kelly Ford said...

Incredible, Katie! I cant wait to experience all of the things w/ our baby that i've seen you and Chris relish w/ Bella!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Bella Reese!