Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hi there!
So, I realize most of you love the pictures of Bella and visit for her cute self! I don't blame you. She's awesome. But here's a post with just an update, probably no pics.
So.... today is my (Katie's) last day at Novare and at TWELVE Centennial Park. I've been here almost 4 years now!
My first year here was my hardest job EVER. I cried and cried at that job and I worked harder than I ever have. I love Novare because someone there let me switch roles into sales. It had never happened before, and somehow I got in the door (right place, right time) and was saved from marketing and pulling my hair out. It also gave me the opportunity to work part time and try new things.

At the time, I thought about opening a doggie day care place. People treat their dogs like kids, and doggie day care is so popular in the city. Well, I did the part-time thing, thinking I'd also work part time at a doggie day care. You know, Clark Howard says you need to work in the industry and try it out before going out and starting one. This was a good move. After 3 days, I knew that wasn't for me. Another story, another day... let me know if you want to hear more.

This job has been so great, taught me all about real estate - marketing side and sales side (never thought I'd be good at sales but I liked it!) I've now sold over 50 homes here in my 2.5 yrs at TWELVE! I love the ladies I work with, and I love the schedule it's allowed me to have with Bella.

But, all good things have to come to an end. The only part I haven't loved about this is working some weekends onsite. I don't like being away from the family on the weekends!

So... I am going out on my own to do resales! If you have a home to sale, or are in the market to buy, or if you just want general information on your neighborhood... let me know. I am so excited to get to do this now for friends, family, and neighbors. Your referral is most appreciated!!!
I am excited and anxious and super motivated right now. That's the real reason I wrote. To be selfish. To let you know the change I'm about to go through and to ask for prayer as I get started!! I can do that, right?

And for the comments... I want to know your hardest job ever.

And I'll leave it at this. A typical day in the office with Jerri, who hit on my husband before she knew he was my husband.
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Julie said...

Great things are about to happen!!!

morgan collins said...

I'm excited for you! and hey you can sell my house:)
hardest job....ummm....ummmm...long horns. crap, that is really sad.

"GG" said...

I agree with Jules...great things are about to happen for you!
Hardest contest...working for Atkinson Road - Gwinnett's Family Church for 14 years!!! Any yes, all good things must come to an end!

kristymasterson said...

i am proud of you and how confident you are in this decision. you are all grown up kt.

hardest job... lifeguard at Lake Lanier Islands... wave pool duty on a Saturday... yikes.

B Gizzle said...

You will do phenominal. We will just have to promote you. No worries!

Hardest Job....Computer hardware sales and Bouncing at the Rusty Nail in Columbus, GA.

The Jacobs Family said...

That is exciting! I wish you the best. Stepping out on faith is the first step.

Stacy said...

I am so excited for you and your will do a great job! We just moved but I will keep you in mind incase a friend of mine needs to sell their house!

Oh, hard job....being a HIGH SCHOOL teacher to a bunch of moody, disrespectful, lovely darlings who don't like to be told what to do by an adult. OK - I LOVE my job 99% of the time but someday these wonderful highschoolers that I have can push one to many of my buttons! Happy Friday :)

Allison said...

Like I said at the party ... you will do awesome at this! Hardest job for me...the one I have now, hands down. I am in the same boat you were in when you were in marketing ... long hours and hard work. I'm almost over it! Good luck!! Wish Derrick luck as he does the same thing, but just the commercial side!

Kelly Ford said...

You are so gonna laugh at me for the lameness in this job... but my "hardest" job (in that it was difficult, not emotionally hard...) was making sales calls. For CEMETARY PLOTS! I think i sold 2 and quit. Thank the lord for new direction!
As for your new venture... i'm excited for you! Do you know what real-estate group you'll work w/?

Amber said...

oh what fun! Now you must call me when you come over to Kangazoom. Really. My hardest job was as a waitress at a TGI Fridays. I'm talking back in the "flair" days. Straight out of office space I tell you. It was awful.

Ashley Davis said...

I am so excited for you! I may call you one day about selling my house!!

So you will laugh, but my hardest job was Chick-fil-A! I worked there for 2 days and knew it was not for me, but I love eating there! HAHA!