Monday, October 20, 2008

One Year Check-up

Bella had her one year check up today. 20 lbs, 7 oz and 29.5 inches tall. I have no idea what percentile those are, but she's doing great! :)
Can I just say I LOVE HOODIES? I love wearing them, I love Chris in them, I love wearing his big hoodies AND I love them on Bella! This weather is great hoodie weather! Here she is today after her 4 shots. (She got a flu shot, too!)
From Bella's First Birthday Party
And here she is at Toys R Us last week. When it's their birthday, they give your kid a balloon & crown. She had on the perfect shirt for the crown, don't you think?
From Bella's First Birthday Party


Chris Green said...

I want to come home right now and hug you two. Love you.

Kelly Ford said...

that princess pic is SO precious! She has the sweetest face!

"GG" said...

I'm with Chris...I just want to hug all three of you! Bless her heart...4 shots!!! Ouch!!!
Great pics! Thanks for being such a great Mom!!! Love ya,

morgan collins said...

it almost looks like she has her ear pierced in that last pic...hmmm...idea?:)

Anonymous said...

holy crap. so cute... has it been a year already?? too fast. miss you guys.

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

I love her little crown! She's a doll!

It's so funny that she is three months older than Tyler, yet they weigh the exact same!! He's such a chunk!

By the way, Check out my've been tagged!

The Glidewells said...

She is really adorable! Abigail weighs the same as Bella. That's funny. :)