Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged, a long time ago, by a few friends... and now I don't remember if it's 5 or 7 things random facts?

1) I have serious mom-brain. It's bad, people.
2) Biggest pet peeve: People putting objects, or hands, in my face.
3) I will do laundry all day. Well, no ironing. But can someone clean my shower?

And.... I'm stuck. Why don't we turn this into "Ask Katie a question and give her something to blog about?" Ask and I'll answer... be creative as you want.


morgan collins said...

hmmm...let's see...
what is your favorite part about being a mom?
what is your least favorite part about being a mom?
what do you love about Chris now that you never would've imagined about him in high school? (does that make sense?)
how do you intend to make your family(you, chris, bella, etc)as fun as your family (mom, dad, etc) is?
ok, that's all I got right now:)

Stacy said...

Just wanted to say that I love your new picture at the top of the blog.....so cute! What a cute family you guys are :).

Kelly Ford said...

Whats your biggest insecurity?
When/How did you come to know Christ?
When do you want to try for another baby?
Did you nurse and if so for how long... do you recommend an epidural... in general, any info on pregnancy/beginning of mommyhood.

Katie Barnett said...

When is Bella going to be a big sister????

Anonymous said...

If you could start over, fresh out of high school, and could have done anything with your life, what would you have picked as a career?

What is the secret to a great marriage?
Rachael :)

morgan collins said...

oooo I like that last question.
when are you going to come up with a business to run with your cool as crap friend?

julie said...

1) You may never get your old brain back.
2) You get that honestly from your dad, can that trait be genetic?
3) Why would anyone want to live at at Point Blank? People are always getting shot there.

I LOVE you. Gone to Nashville to get filled.